Doctor Profession

The Doctors we have been trained to fight by the Life It always defends the Life! , We have been forged to study It studies! , We have been trained to go and to aid to our patients in spite of our fatigue It goes to those calls! We are enabled to plan, to unravel complex and difficult cases It plans! Son Mine: they would wait for days to you of joy and days of sadness, hours of success and minutes of failures, months of bonanza and weeks of scarcity as much in the Life, as in your profession Your parents we will not be able to avoid that happens, but you we can instill that you have the Value and the Anger to support to these moments without a doubt, the moments of joy success, of profits and bonanza he will be much more that the other and still when we no longer are saboralos and disfrtalos with sobriety, the doctors we did not aspire to being millionaire, we only aspired to live with honor, without pressures and receiving day to day the gratitude of our patients, so that the medicine before a profession is a religion, an apostolate, a priesthood where before nothing prioritizes the service. Son Mine good Luck and perlonga Life, like Doctor and Man! Papa. (As opposed to Facebook). Original author and source of the article. .