Central Ceremony

that night to the control of an elite of Surgeons, daring and brave, they abrieron one long incision in my abdomen, removed and they extirpated between applause the cancerous Liver and implanted the healthy, strong and unpollluted Liver from a young person of 28 years, died in accident and that her family had the greatness to accept the Generous and Gratuitous Donation of her organs, and after 15 hours of Operation I returned to the Life in the hands from Surgeons who let themselves guide by God to win to the death, in the middle of tension and adrenalin. To the 2 month and a half, my wife, gives back my old man to me and dear white cover, gives a piropea kiss me and saying Brave Welcome to me fighter and here I am of return to the Life, in the middle of myths and legend, plenty of scars and mysteries, defenseless, inmuno suppressed, but with the full Heart still, of red flowers in order to share. Colleagues The lived experiences have taught to me that the patients they want that it greets them to the Doctor listens to, them, watches the eyes to him, it puts its hand in the shoulder, does the correct thing, it prescribes enough it consoles and them, the Patients want of the Doctor, Encanto of its Science, the Magic of its Art and the spell of its Verb! Friendly, I do not know that the Life provides to me, I I do not know that the destiny provides to me, but until my voice goes out, I will be always an alive testimony dela Immensity of God and the Greatness of the Medicine and its Doctors. Medical malpractice lawyers Texas can provide more clarity in the matter. Thanks. Speech delivered in the Central Ceremony in the premises of the Medical School in Miraflores..