Caring For Children

Children at the site almost all actively moving and running around. If a child is excessively warm to wear, it will be hot. The tutor keeps track of how kids feel on the court, if someone is cold, the teacher must report this to parents. Valentina Andreyevna Tararokova, kindergarten teacher in the city of Samara, the experience of '23: – According to sanitary standards in kindergarten temperature must be at least 20 degrees. In fact, the temperature even higher, typically have a 25-26 degrees. The group has a thermometer and parents can monitor the temperature conditions and do the necessary conclusions. How to dress a child in kindergarten in the winter? There is no special secrets, clothing should be prepared for a walk and a warm and easy for the group. To walk in the winter cook – a woolen sweater, hoodie, terry kolgotochki, warm socks, stuff for the game in the group – T-shirts, long sleeve, you can light jackets, sweat pants or skirts.

My advice – do not wear a child many different things, a full set of clothing should be a maximum of 8 items. K For example: tights, pants, street, turtleneck, cardigan warm jacket outdoor, socks, hat, scarf and mittens sure (if he knows how to wear gloves – the gloves may be). The more you put in the child's different blouses, turtlenecks, T-shirts and sweaters at the same time, the easier it will be in all this confusion and the child and caregiver. Do not complicate the process of dressing and undressing for a walk, think about when building a child in kindergarten as though you are an educator. Margaret S.

Portnov, kindergarten teacher in Moscow, worked for 18 years: – In winter kids parents, of course, need to prepare. Clothing for children should be purchased according to its size and temperature regime, the climate where you live. I would like to separately pay attention to the time when parents buy their kid a jacket for two or three seasons at once. This is not entirely correct. Huge steep for a small child does not look only ugly but also prevents him from walking normally move, and also retains heat worse. Tightly-sized clothing retains heat and heats much better than the one which is two sizes larger! The same situation shoes. Too big shoes is bad for forming the foot of the child. Shoes that big or small child wearing orthopedic nastrogo prohibited. The most comfortable hats for children, the so-called "Eskimo" or helmets. They are tightly cover the neck and not slipping. Often, these hats warmed using special soft pads on the forehead, crown and lugs.