I hope not to either no secret that 99.9% of people selling 'match-fixing' – it's crooks. Why I left the error? In the history of the sport was a lot of scandals about the crime in sports, loud statements and articles – Bookmakers shooting matches with lines in front of the players. Have fixed matches now – it's profitable. And while it is profitable they will continue to exist. But the opportunity to buy information on the Internet is probably 0.

People are easily attracted by giving money, large sums of money, etc. for fraud and given a very good soil for conducting their illegal activities. Based on trust and blinded from the amount of people is very easy to win. Especially a favorite place for fraudsters to find their prey – it's not enough well-known contact. The scale of the spam contractual matches just do not know the limit. What is most surprising is that it increases, and hence there is a victim. Scammers come up with different stories – I read a couple was just under the table. But no one does not exclude that there are really good Capper, who can sell their works.

Usually people think that it is possible to check Capper (and most importantly that It is common): Capper gives a prediction for free, and all the rest will be paid. This is not possible! By one estimate to say anything which is not possible. Generally recognized the work of such a system is imposed, just scammers. The system by which fraudsters operate: Give two potential customers do not produce equivalent results (predictions) and then receive a single customer of the two. Thus the cost vary from 100 rubles to $ 5000. People who are professionally understand work through the specific services that acts as a guarantor of the transaction or engage in asset management. Again, do not do so simply for investment contract are certified is turn-based reporting. In Russia, rarely far from universal. How it all did not run into a cheater (IMHO):-If you are offered a contract match – 100% chance that you're negotiating right now with this fraud. If my arms would contract match. I would not put on this spread! Accordingly, would put himself. If I want to sell I would not say that he was contractual. I would have inflated the cost of the forum and agreed with moderator, that he acted as guarantor for the% of the transaction and gave me the money collected only after the official results (as I would have made the reliability of the transaction) – at the same price I would have pulled in order to attract the attention of members of the forum and then lowered to a reasonable limit. But still there are honest well-oriented in the world of betting Capper, how to learn it? If this is the forum: you need to look at the reputation, the history of the outcomes – Reviews. Typically, to form a view about party. If this is the site card: Do not blindly trust the results statistics – Admin can easily replace them. Read reviews of third-party resources. Reviews are also better to check. Ideal – a service which acts as as a guarantor and provides various statistics.