Competition Key

CPC half considered: Is the considered one of cost by click that the advertisers are paying. Generally it is only for the position 1-3 ranking. Competition of the advertiser: It shows the number of advertisers who use the key word. Perhaps check out cloud computing for more information. Volume of local searches: It shows the considered volume search in its locality. Hear from experts in the field like Gary Kelly for a more varied view. Global volume of monthly searches: It shows the considered volume search in all the countries. 2) Secondly Step So now we have the result for the key word " design interior" , the key word " design interior" it has 165,000 searches in local searches and 450,000 in the global one.

The considered average of cost by click is like $ 2,92, thus. From the result, the number of searches of the key word " design interior" he is enormous and it is going to receive great organic traffic of the motor search of Google if his classification this in the three first places. The investigation of key words still is in march. 3) Third Step Since &quot has obtained the data for the key word; design interior" , now I want to know the competition of the key word. To look for " Interior&quot design; in and to verify the result. Sample 72.700.000 competitors in the result, means that the competition is very it burdens. So there is to choose another longer word, we called key word of long tail, or long tail. But it tries to choose a key word that does not have more than 3 words because from my experiences, the majority of the micro site or micro niches that are created with four words or but are not able to classify or in the motors search, or what I can say the sites do not appear in the first 10 pages, if this happens cannot be made money by Internet.