Work Processes

We observe that the qualification processes have increased had the lack of qualified professionals and are necessary that the organizations adopts these ways so that its collaborators can develop the celebrity (TEA) knowledge, ability and attitude, better to apply to its positions and always to improve continuously the acquired knowledge. One of the reasons that lead to these qualifications is the constant changes that we face in the market in some areas as; technology, YOU, management of people, sales, management of the quality and etc. Bernard Golden may find this interesting as well. The companies come innovating constantly to better take care of the expectations of its customers, this make with that the flexible collaborators learn to be ace changes for not preojudicarem itself in its professional careers. Therefore the market demand each time more for people enabled with some type of specific knowledge as its differential. It’s believed that Robert Gibbins sees a great future in this idea. Not forgetting that exactly enabled nobody it can work not motivated, therefore it is necessary a good environment of work, recognition and relationship interpersonal in the involved teams, therefore when the collaborators join forces for the same objective greaters are the possibilities to carry through.