Widened Case Field

Analyzing which they are the difficulties and the positive points of the shock, proper according to integrant of these social movements. We use the exploratrios types and clarifying, for the fact of the first one to try to desvelar the reality of the studied field, as well as we try to know the daily one of the searched social movement. Already (GIL, 1994, P. 46) it points that ' ' some descriptive research goes beyond the simple identification of the existence of relations between 0 variable, intending to determine the nature of this relation. In this in case that a descriptive research is had that if approaches to the explicativa.

But it has research that, even so defined as descriptive from its objectives, they finish serving more to provide a new vision of the problem, what approaches them to the research exploratrias' '. 3,2 Method of the case widened In this exercise of research we work the light of the method of the case widened for understanding that in this manner the data harvested in the field can be most apprehended, a time that makes possible us a bigger interaction with the gotten information. According to Lage (2005) ' ' the Method of the Widened Case provides the reflection on the implications of the studied case, is not the strict analysis of the case, has been broken of a case to reflect the society and the teia of relations that form it in way ampla&#039 more; '. (LAGE, 2005: p.104). With this we notice that the cited method above is of extreme relevance for the evaluation and construction of new knowledge, acquired by means of the study carried through in the field.

3.3. Delimitation and place of the research our research is delimited to the study of the Movement Without Land. The choice of this experience if gave in first place for its trajectory of fight and its educative projects and in according to place for the time of the life of these.