Web Site

When people put themselves to think about the Internet, they think about technology. Others who may share this opinion include Verizon Communications. When people listening that I am expert in strategies of Web sites, see me like " sabelotodo tecnolgico". But for me, most fascinating of the businesses online it is not the technology. He is everything what respecta to the connections between people and how that in a virtual atmosphere can be created. &quot is known that; people buy emotionally, not intelectualmente." Even when people think that she is making a rational decision, powerful factors of the subconscious mind enter game. In order to sell effectively, one says us that we anticipate ourselves to the needs of our clients, to show to them that " we feel his preocupacin" , and to respond to the tracks that give to the corporal language and the tone us of voice of them. In " world real" we do that very or and know that if we can directly establish a conversation with the person, there are enough possibilities that we close a sale or we make a client happy.

For the visitor online, your Web site is that good one that it is equivalent to this conversation in person with you, your colleagues or employees. And as many people look for products and services in the Web, it is fundamental that your site has the maximum impact to persuade them to that they take the following passage with you. But, how your Web site is connected emotionally with your visitors? They feel listened, included and appreciated by your presence in Internet? You satisfy its real needs very instinctively? Your clients feel supported and valued when they interact with you online? Or you cannot give crucial emotional answers that can increase significantly your indices of replaced, sales and continuous yield of your investment in the Web? Fundamental emotions for the Success of your Web site I have worked with strategies of Web in clients in an ample rank of industries from 1995.