Wall Street

But if we take into account inflation investors lost more than 30%. Was much worse than the famous inflationary crisis of the 1970s, when investors came more by 23% in real terms. If we take into account the composition of the Nasadq index we can see how it descended more than three-quarters of its maximum and that brought with it many technological actions persist. It is more, say the professionals did not provide any kind of response. We must say things as they really are.

Many of the big wall street firms are still marketing monsters. Are only for selling shares in the same way that a pharmacy sell us their products. It must be said that not least pharmacy sell us pills in poor condition. It is much more easy for the investment community to recommend the same investments, no matter how bad that is. It is better to be wrong in their own group when they are against a client. The concensos must be one of the latches more great may have investors. There is always a positive atmosphere on Wall Street.

Even now that the market is not fully recovered. Them little interest if the market takes nine months with a rebound in the S % P 500 from more than 63 per cent and if Nasdaq has been increasing more than 70% (while 17% of the USA population is unemployed, underemployed or stopped looking for work). One has to know that the best investments nobody talks about. Do a little memory when approximately 10 years ago everyone recommended investing in technology companies and absolutely nobody talked anything about the gold. Remember how the Bank of England sold at liquidation prices gold achievement (260 U$ S an ounce). Truth nobody has it, but it is important to know to listen to all but one have enough tools to avoid being taken in by these Wall Street giants.