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According to the index of Spanish real estate markets (Imie) developed by real estate appraisals (Tinsa), prices of homes reached in August 2005 levels, but the adjustment does not reach the financial sector, beyond their own problems, nor thinks about the housing market and there are other factors which may result in delay in the process of recovery of the market. Not interested in support or to offer or demand in this sector. The sobre-sobreabundancia from the point of view of supply, not makes it possible to almost any project real estate, while the high fragility in the source of income of families (remember that Spain has an unemployment rate that goes to 20% of the economically active population), make the mortgage financing, one decision that risky aggravated by the downtrend in the price of the collateral. It is probably unfair to accuse the Spanish real estate market of all the ills of the economy, but undoubtedly you will there find a good part of the causes of the current situation of the Spanish economy. Horacio Pozzo _ are looking to win in bag? It is with fear, you don’t know how to start? Looking for someone that will help open an account to operate on Wall Street? Don’t know the minimum amount to start to operate? Do you want to get your desired financial freedom? The answers to these questions and many more are in the Global value investment report. Global value subscribers are heading toward financial independence. Check by yourself the profits of our recommendations: do you also want to win as subscribers of Global value? Click here and owns you also your financial target. Author original and source of the article..