Volkswagen New

A life style or the use of determined product or mark makes with that the consumer so to speak adopte actor behavior before the way where he is inserted, thus imposing explicit however, what it can be unconscious or conscientious what others think what it is or would like to be. Currently, with the market ancestry emergent, where people who long ago had purchasing power reduced and had started to belong to a new social classroom, in the case high middle class, the individual in this period of training of transistion tend to want to reaffirm itself as belonging to a new social classroom, thus showing for the society its new style of life; its power of purchase; its estatus; at last, they want to show that now already they had been consolidated as such. The advertising following the chances takes off advantages, providing to the new now more demanding consumer can consume, to acquire goods that indicate its power of purchase. The consumer with greater to be able of purchase can choose the form to use its money, and the time expense for this, as well as will be able to adoptar attitudes that reflectem in the consumption options. A study detailed on life style it will be very efficient in the positioning of specific products for different segments; Detecting, therefore, the references of the consumer launching products that satisfy the same ones.

I will detach advertisings that are assumen of the intrinsic yearnings and styles that the people would like to display. what the advertising and marks make to segment and to consolidate in the market, as well as taking care of the interests. The great advantage in locating itself is that the consuming one starts to identify itself with definitive product what will make it adopta it as a specific way of life. Advertisings segmenting life style Let us take as example the Volkswagen, that in 1993 it decided to innovate and to develop a vehicle that would pass to be used by people with style of younger life, dynamic and different; the fact would be that the positioning more would be adjusted to the style of life of the current consumer.