Transformational Leadership Management

"Leadership can be defined as a certain ability to transform a vision into reality." Warren Bennis Anyone who is identified as a leader is because it brings together a number of features not all have developed, are people who have certain attributes that allow them to have followers, people trust him, but they also are leading drivers of change , proactive and ensure all changes in those areas that demand it. This time we enter what represents the transformational leader's role. In this regard it is said that: Leadership requires a change in the way you act, preceded by a transformation of how they think and feel. Leadership requires a mental refocusing. Leadership means a unique and often new insight, is a radical change. The leader demonstrates a profound appreciation for human freedom. A leader understands the miracle, mystery and need for transformation.

Juan Jose Bertamoni reminds us that this leadership tries to change reality adapt himself to higher values and ideals. Is established on the following basis: Creation of the deep human need to have a meaning. Separate causes of the symptoms and act preventively. Libera daily affairs transcends human potential. It seeks long-term results without compromising principles and human values.

The objective of transforming leadership is to "transform" people and organizations. Change their minds and hearts, expand their vision and potential, to help the behavior is consistent with their beliefs and motivation to make permanent changes. A leader who is very focused on maximizing the growth of people with those changes required to optimize performance, make the best of them.