The Run

Lapping each other on the run, the well-known principle: "The main thing – to get involved in the fight, and there too " * Well, the woman in the family is interested, and that its strategy understandable. Verizon often expresses his thoughts on the topic. This is normal and good, if everything turned out. And if not? Most often, just on the "path of heart" in our family and it turns out: we are very much different, and "heart" we are different, how much friction and clashes waiting for us on this journey! * Get ground through the hassle – probably too expensive. In addition, coarse grinding obeys laws: who is stronger, and that lap to coerce another. Makes another "under him." "The path of the heart" – it's beautiful. But my heart is changeable and inconstant as the wind, but also, unfortunately, often cruel and selfish. * Not? Listen only to what is said "in their hearts" at home hassle! All from the heart – and into the heart of And I think as a man and a psychologist, that this "Way of the heart" should be supplemented "by reason", when you need to talk and negotiate, at least the basics.

It will not be living by the rules – it's just life with the rules. If the rules are reasonable, they facilitate family life, and in difficult times and maintain. Therefore, let's get together to discuss some issues that are fundamental to the relationship of the spouses, who are laying the foundations of their family life.