The Present And Happiness

Happiness can not postpone, or lives in the present instant has vanished. What is the secret to being happy today? To be happy now? they aren’t exactly secrets but the following four guidelines we bring much happiness everyday: 1 – you focus on the present. It is important to have goals in the medium and long term, but, at the same time, to be happy now clear we must learn to focus on the present moment, what you’re doing. Do not spoil your present thinking what to do tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. You focus on making the most wonderful day possible today. Today no longer never more. It’s see each day as a mini life.

If only it was you of life today, what would you do? 2 – Use your power of choice. Everything in life ends up being a matter of choice and the quality of your life depends on the quality of your choices. Choose evaluate who you are, what you have and people around you. You choose to see the positive side of things instead of the negative (which It is so easy to see). Choose feel good instead of complaining.

Choose hope rather than doubt. If you want your life to be a magnificent history, must give account that you’re the author and have the opportunity to write a new page every day. 3-Retains positive an attitude at all times. Has something negative happened to you today? It doesn’t so much matter whichever you like your reaction to the fact, that is what will define how you feel. More than 95% of your emotions can be attributed to the way you have interpreted the events of your life. Having a positive attitude is smile when you really fancy is sigh. Faced with a problem, the loser wondered: why I happened to me?. The winner says: if it has happened to me is because I had to spend, what a lesson I have to learn?. Continue to learn more with: Southwest Airlines. The loser believes that people who have a positive attitude because they are successful. The winner believed to have success thanks to his positive attitude. The attitude is contagious, do you think that someone you? would you like to get yours? 4 – Determines your priorities. If you want to live a happy day you will want to experience what it is really important in life, these will be your priorities. When thou risest in the morning, ask yourself: what could do or experience throughout the day so that when going to bed I think I spent a wonderful day? Identifies what are those things, sort by the importance that they have for you, and get them. The only risk you run is the feel extremely satisfied. According to the Pareto principle, 20% of your activities are those that reported you 80% of your results, you focus on them and it delegates the rest. Take action, concentrate on each one while you’re doing them, use your power of choice and keep a positive attitude in all time experience compares and chooses. Isabel Sales Personal Coach and trainer exclusive distributor UPW2010 Anthony Robbins for Spain original author and source of the article