The Point

3 Offers a product or service quality.-when a customer purchases a product service of your company or business, he must be happy that that product or servicioresolvera your problem or need that the sought, and if so the hablaramuy well of your company and you recommend with your friends; Otherwise, the firstoff hara will speak ill of you and your company, poor service offered by and sobresu bad shopping experience. It is therefore important to take time concada customer and understand their individual situation, this makes the buenasempresas, excellent. 4 Pay attention to consumption.-how many times you have hired or bought something that you used casinunca? In these cases one repents and feels bad if malgastadosu money. Don’t let that you happen to your consumers, that is arrepientande you’ve bought or hired a product or service. Gives tracking and as soon as your client make sure this contact using the product or demandedby you vendistes, your success as seller depends on it.

5 Is transparent-listen to your customers needs, and where oportunoTrata go direct to the point when you offer your product or service, evitate grandesdiscursos with elegant words and jargon, do not try to confuse your clientescon such make the sale, colocate in the level of the people, in what really looking for and want to that you offer him, this way you can make the sale, or better yet, to duplicate it. If you apply these strategies of sales, I assure you that you’ll be above many vendedoresque only seek to sell, sell and sell without really matter what elcliente needs. And with that you will have more success in your oservicios product sales..