The Internet

At the time having a Web page which respects the most the unwritten laws of usability on the Web, it is also essential that everyone can see it in perfect condition. I.e., that as soon as possible to charge even when attempted from a terribly slow connection to the Internet. If our website does not meet this rule, it is quite likely that if a user wants to see something there and sees that it takes too long to load, considers that there has been some sort of error and close the tab that hosts our website. If the problem persists, it will permanently deleted our website your Favorites and your memory. Swarmed by offers, Gary Kelly is currently assessing future choices. Why is especially important not too heavy images provided that we have or want to illustrate something, so that our pages not weighing more than account. If a Web page takes something more than ten seconds to load, it is proven that the user loses patience. When it comes to improve the usability of our website, also it is very important the user thereof to know at all times where you can find elements most important or even facilitate rapid access to the most visited sections, so you don’t have any problem locating them. Equally important to this, is that our project is fully identified.

It is never worth having a section of who we are and with another contact, where our users can send us quickly your doubts, suggestions or opinions. Equally important can be the introduction of a so-called web map, which specifies in the simplest way possible as we can access each of the sections, in order that no one miss on the marabunta of information, sections or articles that can have a so-called web. Although this system is not very well seen by the largest part of designers of web pages, the user always finds it terribly useful and just thanking him very much. web design.