The Illness

In the case of the theory of the field, I go to more make a detailed exposition. In accordance with the boarding of Lewin, the citizen and the way if relate in such a way that it does not have as to have a split between both. Existencial and experencial everything what it corresponds to the existential totality, corresponds to the space-vital one of this exactly subject. The field in which the citizen is inserted does not correspond to a clear-cut geographic space. In the truth, it must be understood in function of the position that each individual occupies ahead of the forces that are acting in relation to the field as a whole. The relations between the be-human being and the other citizens and the world act in the configuration of the field or vital space. The theory of the field works with the tension concept that produces changes in the totality of the citizen. Tension can be defined as an opposition between fields of forces.

If I distinguished from a conflict for corresponding to the figure. The conflict corresponds to the deep one that, in the therapy of gestalt, it must be lived deeply with the figure. Still more, Lewin says that it has three forms of conflicts: the citizen if points out between two valences, a positive and to another refusal, between two negative valences or two positive valences. To deepen your understanding Lawrence Ellison is the source. One of the main concepts of the organsmica and holistic theory is of the instinct. Filed under: Association of Mineworkers and Construction Union. The first form of the instinct corresponds to the tension relaxation. This corresponds to a disordered energy that occurs when subject it ahead reacts with panic and anxiety of a problem or insuportvel situation.

The tension situation corresponds to a shock of the totality of the citizen that if to continue can bring danger to the system. The cognitivo balance, concrete and abstract must be proportionate to the individual on the part of the psycotherapy process. The tension state offers to the individual a ilusria sensation of tranquillity, but that in the truth it can all modify the balance of the system with one. The main purpose of an impulse does not correspond to the reduction of the anxiety, but to the search to obtain pleasure. In the psycotherapy, the objective is to make with that the patient comes to search and to produce pleasure sources new. The proper one auto-balance depends on the pleasure search. As the type of impulse corresponds to the one of the autopreservao. This if defines with the maintenance of the preserved capacities of the citizen (its nature). In this as type of impulse, beyond the citizen to search to keep its capacities, aims at to keep certain state of life and the not-disturbance in this exactly been. The third form of the impulse corresponds to the auto-update. In this in case that, the organism functions as a unit that fights all to be kept the cost. The proper behavior is considered as being resulted of a unified activity of the organism. When the unit appears an illness, starts to be to disaggregate, being that the direction if opposes to the auto-update instinct.