The Cause

It is very easy to give advice to friends, relatives, and generally everything except themselves. I do not know exactly how to explain it, but I will say this, for their lives they are responsible, not you, so you'll easily get to the root of their problems, and to distinguish the real reason, someone's problems from the investigation of deeper causes. It is very important subtlety. So you decided to analyze some situation. The first question you should ask yourself is, "What happened to you?" In fact, what happened to you, not what has happened to me. When you say "what happened to me?" Includes all of your systems and enclosures, and crawl head cockroaches. This all does not give you an objective assessment of the situation. Your picture will fill the cockroaches negative emotions that do not have any relation to the matter, and instead learn a lesson from this situation, you give food to their old complexes, and only increase the likelihood that this situation happens to you again.

This also applies to a situation where you have achieved success and discover that helped you. The next time you will be expected stormy applause and shouts of Bravo, and will be rotten tomatoes flying at you. And you say yourself, "how! I also knew the reasons for success? "It turns out that is not accurate. Another important subtlety of analysis – it's detachment. When you figure out the cause of the incident, switch off the emotions and feelings about what happened so, and not otherwise.