The Best Stories From International Day Of Friendship

On July 30th is that international day which has friendship the most beautiful stories to parat friendship is a theme, was finding that in all times and survived difficult times. In ancient times it was considered one of the highest goods and even today’s friendship with the most important bond between the people. 1958 founded an initiative in Paraguay and as people celebrate the day of friendship in the 21st century anywhere in the world on different days. 2011 a global date was set with the July 30 what the online-shop of sees as a reason, to introduce some of the best stories around the theme of friendship. Together through thick and thin the last part go the Harry Potter in the movies-tell and not only from this aspect the friendship, which we were allowed to follow for many years, is currently of great importance in the population. “The complete Harry Potter saga” is also the epitome of what makes possible friendship. Harry and his friends are together in the fight against a seemingly overpowering opponent matured and have done some miraculous Act.

Less dramatic, but for all the more funnier friendship is”. The story shows the two East Germans Veit and Tom, that 1989 pilgrimage after the Berlin Wall came down to San Francisco to find Vitus father. Together they experience on the way incredible adventures, whether as a Russian stripper or seller of self-made Berlin wall stones. Friendship in the Group of course there are also friendships that characterize the cohesion within larger groups. The 5 friends were”an example of this, which could translate as a young detective group already the one or the other villain. In the 5 friends – Spurnase box 01 “author Enid Blyton sends her teenage hero among other things on the track by plant thieves and back on the Rock Island. “From television, we know also another group who mastered all the hurdles of life thanks to their friendship over many years: friends”, three women and three men, are decorated with great sense of community and to deliver outstanding comedy.

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