The Basics Of Make-up

Beauty comes from inside tips and tricks for a perfect appearance, that’s for sure. A neat appearance but immensely increases self-esteem. Many women appreciate a light makeup, because this gives them an attractive appearance, emphasizes strengths and small blemishes disappear. The news portal reveals, what matters in the make-up and what products of kind of are suitable. For a long shelf life, there are some tips and tricks around the makeup – photo: Babor.

The beauty news start with tips on makeup and Foundation. A discreet make-up is generally recommended for the day. First, a primer is used, which suits the skin tone and should be not too dark. Small blemishes can be laminated with a concealer, a green concealer helps against unwanted redness. The makeup is applied in solid or liquid form. Mineral powder gives the final touch. Powder covers well and can be spotted with a brush or sponge slightly. With a Lip brush is more precise and cleaner to apply lipstick.

Photo: dpa now is the eye shadow on the series. Who wears contact lenses or have sensitive eyes, should prefer access to cream eyeshadow. This prevents dust from entering the eyes. Dark pencil strengthens the lashes, white or lighter pencil opens the view. Transitions are blurred at best with the cotton swab. Then the eyelashes can be drawn. Applies the lipstick: ever narrower lips, the brighter or shinier the paint. Otherwise, lip liner and concealer can work small wonders. The lipstick is better with transparent powder.