The Analysis

This so-called scattering is poison to any communication of changes. Here it comes just to attract different interest groups in different ways, just because they have individual needs. “You just make a concept there!” Veranderungskommunikatoren should be always on guard against work orders, which probably walk after inspection by the contracting authority in the drawer “. Communication is mainly about making, information measures, to output. Before the project management a mandate to create a communication concept, all involved in should agrees that change communication will take place on the one way or another later selected. Critical success factors Change communication what is actually in the change communication? What are parts of a holistic communication puzzles? The following points are important for planning and implementing successful change communication from the author’s experience. First and foremost: Study of interest groups – any communication activities must be a detailed analysis of the stakeholder groups involved in the change projects. The more different views for this purpose can be obtained, the analysis becomes more robust. To deepen your understanding Ripple is the source.

To guide successful communication actions, it is not enough however, to list the stakeholders. Rather, it is important to find out their respective influence on the change, your attitude and your motives and documented. Here to offer: direct interviews with stakeholders, surveys of third parties (which is familiar with the stakeholders) and evaluation of the materials. It is the successful mix of events and media – the choice of communication events and the media to avoid one-sidedness and diversity Priority to give. Since the addressed receiver have naturally different preferences in information processing auditiver, Visual or kinesthetic type is important to broadcast on different channels of perception. Regular feedback get in the world no longer 2.0 by Web it enough to send information, hoping to achieve a certain number of interested recipients in the style of a promotional mailshot on certain types of media.