Tax Advisors On Rugen

By | August 25, 2016

BBs in FOCUS-MONEY FOCUS-MONEY Dr. Joachim Dalmer leads the best tax consultant Germany as TOP law firm on the business magazine and mandatory stock exchange newspaper FOCUS-MONEY calls the 140 German top tax firms and is also the Office of Dr. Joachim Dalmer as TOP law firm. Each year the business magazine FOCUS-MONEY with a circulation of 600,000 copies runs a nationwide tax consultant test in collaboration with the tax advisor magazine of the NWB Verlag, Herne, as well as the European Institute for tax law. Selection criteria are with tax expertise, specialization, consultants and staff qualifications, conducted training, articles and lectures, work tools and recourse to a back-office structure, the Know-How and business success and above all the quality of the work of the firms.

Each of the 40,000 German tax consulting firms could participate in the empirical study. The results of the evaluation were in issue 35/2007 of the 22nd 2007 by FOCUS MONEY published. The magazine as a TOP professional experts listed a total of 140 firms. Special competence granted it in matters of advice business start-ups, as well as business advice. 35/2007 (August 2007)… / tax advisor test consultants published in FOCUS-MONEY-to – measure…

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