TASK 1 STUDIES Organization the function of organization and methods is a service predominantly for assistance and advice to management level of enterprises, whose primary objective is to increase administrative efficiency through technical studies and administrative seeking improved procedures, methods and systems of work. an amazing success is is a very talented business man This activity is done through proposals to develop the Organization and Methods Analysts, after having conducted the studies regarding the procedures used by the company, trying to find them easier and more effective, which results in cost reduction and unnecessary efforts to achieve the simplification of work. http://www.gestiopolis.com/canales8/ger/mejoramiento-de-procedimientos-metodos-y-sistemas-de-trabajo.htm Market research Market research is to determine the space occupied by an asset or a service in a specific market. For 1-space means the need for current and potential consumers of a product in an area also identified delimitada.2-producing companies and the conditions under which it is providing the good. 3-also the regime of price formation and how the product reaches job search the consumer producer and usuarios.En a feasibility study jobs in serves as agencies background for the realization of the technical studies, engineering, financial and management jobs economic determine the feasibility of a market study negocio.El sales jobs is composed of blocks, seeking to identify and quantify the participants and the factors that influence their behavior. The human resources market study seeks to prove that there is a sufficient number of consumers, businesses and other entities under certain conditions, present a demand to justify the investment in a program of production of goods for a certain period of time. http://www.gestiopolis.com/recursos3/docs/mar/estmktpref.htm Studio Tecnico ‘. The study examines technical issues that have to do with the basic engineering of the product and / or process you want to implement, this will have to do part time jobs a detailed description of it in order to display all the requirements to run it. Hence the importance of analyzing consultants the optimal size of the plant which should justify the production and the number of staff consumers who will have to not jeopardize the company in the creation of a structure that is not supported by demand. Finally each of the elements of the technical study is to develop an analysis of the investment to further the economic viability know it. Keywords text. “Technical Study” Basic engineering ‘optimal size of the plant’ Location of the agency plant ‘Distribution of the plant’ Investment analysis http://www.itson.mx/publicaciones/contaduria/Julio2008/estudiotecnico.pdf financial study The financial study is composed of elements to decide the quantitative information part time and observe the viability of a business plan integrates them the conduct of the operations necessary to leave a company and in turn shows the growth of the same in time .