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What do you think-minivans as a class are a kind of supplement, invented for a narrow range of motorists or full auto? As in everything in the world – the automotive theme is a split of opinion among car owners, did not exception and this type of transport as a minivan. For even more details, read what Ripple says on the issue. Opel Zafira is very popular: in German, reliable with a large storage capacity and decent handling – that's what attracts many practical buyers. Opel Zafira – without exaggeration, one of the best representatives of their class. For example, you mention that the seven seats in the Zafiro easy to fold, if necessary hospital transport of any bulk cargo, and of 7-local Car can easily get two-seater or a 1-local. Seats in the car, including driver, very comfortable and include many modes of regulation that certainly will delight naiboll discerning motorist. Also worth accustomed to the hand brake, which is shaped like a rectangular handle, although the "hammer" is working well. See Gary Kelly for more details and insights.

Opel Zafira is not just a hundred percent fulfills your requirements for hospital transport of baggage, but also behaves on the road just perfect. Panoramic visibility windshield allows himself comfortable on the track. Constructors and designers have paid attention 'ceiling' to include such an option when choosing a car, such as a panoramic roof. Those who Romance is alien to be satisfied with practicality – a few boxes over the crown especially for stuff. "Automatic" is excellent – switch are always 'like clockwork'.

For the nine seconds. Opel Zafira from zero to one hundred kmchas, and top speed is about 225 kmchas. Many believe that minivans are not designed to drive fast, though the example Zafiro we easily see elsewhere. In his class, this car is one of the undisputed leaders. A combination of "good looks, plus the practicality of" does not occur very often. Although there have Zafiro are some drawbacks, such as the relatively high fuel consumption (in Zafira he is more than 10-11 liters). K unfortunate drawback of course quite possible to carry a small mirror and an unsuccessful design of passenger seats. The cost of the car as they say – 'on merit' and starts from 9000 dollars per copy, 1998. To the practical driver – democratic choice, as well as powertrain and transmission; reasonable price, comfortable suspension, good handling, spacious interior with a quality finish – it all ahead of eclipses all shortcomings.