State Economy

The economy of the State if bases on the sector of services, agriculture, the cattle one and the extrativismo. The main economic activities of Roraima are: Public administration, Commerce, civil and farming construction, with great potential for the tourism. The majority of the territory consists of aboriginal lands. The landmark of situated aboriginal lands in the region of the Fox Mountain range of the Sun in day 19 of March of 2009, brought a climate of conflicts and discourages the rice producers. This question approximately brought the resignation of 30% of the employees of the fixed picture of these industries. The Culture in the State has the following manifestations: artesanato, dances, music, folklore, literature and culinria. Cultural contributions had been considered, the installations of some libraries in 2008 and 2009 four cities will have priority in action in the book areas and reading.

Cultural investments are considered: the construction of spaces as the Center Tourist Multicultural in the Edge Taumanan and Praa of the Arts. The growth of the State of Roraima is constant, the population comes in recent years growing, due the migration of people of other states in search of job chances, implantation of companies etc. the economy of Roraima also is in growth, new industries had been installed this year in the state, the government has offered tax incentives to brighten up the crisis and the state has a potential fort for the tourism.