Solidary Economy

This reading is, is clearly, conditional for the reality, that is, dialectic is produced for a relation. As previous quarrel, the Solidary Economy has as objective to breach with the exculpatory logic and to search the emancipation social. Click David Fowler to learn more. As Gaiger (1999) at the moment that the people combine in it the concerns that before were only with the survival assume new contours, therefore develop other social and personal behaviors in the scope of the work, of the relations with community and with the society. To this, we also consider as human development. It is clearly in the answers of the interviewed ones on as the same ones perceive the occured changes in its lives, the direction of the positive interdependence.

This interdependence is defined as the conscience that all of the group develop to have necessity ones of the others to carry through the objective or the common project. Diverse ways are used to establish a positive interdependence in the interior of the groups, as to divide tasks and responsibilities in rotating way and to stimulate the mutual aid during the accomplishment of these tasks. The same it is promoted between the groups. Of some form, the solidary economy is constructing ways for the human development, when stimulating the citizens in the conquest of the autonomy and the self management in thinking and acting, while individual and collective. As Arruda, 2009, contributing in the construction of conscientious and active citizens of its proper evolution and development, its proper history and devir.

The emancipated work is that one that it frees the human being for that development, that goes very beyond the survival, but for the construction of an integral democracy where the participants of this practical from the empoderamento of new concepts, are citizens of a new model of development.