This means that maps of injection and pressure load are recalculated to achieve an RPM little more adapted to the answer that one question to the mechanics of his car, and for having achieved it gains in torque and horsepower, resulting in power, while the tolerances which guarantee a long life for your car engine continue to respectthe maximum number of possible of fuel (gasoline or diesel) economy was also reached. The course take place on driving after reprogramming? 0 To 100 km/h acceleration decreases dramatically after the reprogramming of the switchboard of your car, due to the increase in power. The response of the low speed increases considerably, so the recovery of the motor is very bright. The increase in maximum speed, being the power of its larger car after reprogramming. The satisfaction that the steering wheel of his car is bigger by having a more agile engine and with more power, making the most notable accelerations, the youngest of overtaking the benefits derived from the reprogramming of the pictures? Improved performance of the engine of your car. Lower consumption of fuel, diesel or gasoline (up to 20% savings). All this without compromising the life of your car’s engine, if kept in respect of maintenance periods.

Me saving fuel (diesel and gasoline) taking as an example a car that makes 30,000 miles a year, the estimated savings would be 1 litre / 100 Km with respect, something important for commercial vehicles and trucks. Taking the price of diesel oil as a reference to 1 / liter, which implies an annual saving of 300 in fuel. If the price of fuel was about 1.35 / litre as the way in which is present in diesel, the savings would be annual 400. Price of your PABX system the cost of this reprogramming reprogramming could change, depending on the vehicle, you are tend to be around 300. Up to 800 depending on the quality and control unit of each car.