The stick of the golds in the gypsy tarot speaks of material wealth, and the projects that the consultant may have in this life. The letters of this style always give a negative message, although sometimes involving losses. Not all is lost, but the loss will be temporary. Within rolls gypsy tarot cards, often included in the minor arcana, which have certain characteristics that make its presence at the table is essential to give the reading the full meaning you have to have. The gypsy tarot is ancient discipline that has largely been practiced throughout the history of mankind.

The beauty of this practice is that the gypsy tarot symbology includes with its enormous range of situations that any human being can be found throughout his life. But to express this symbolism in its entirety, it is imperative that the gypsy tarot reading include the range of the minor arcana. It is generally believed that the minor arcana of the tarot gitano have a meaning somewhat less “strong” than that of the archetypes of minor arcana. However, their presence is required, because otherwise, reading the letters would be incomplete. Among the minor arcana, the suit of the gold is under consideration at this time. It should be noted that gold gypsy tarot have the pentacle drawn on the inside, or the star of five points.

The pentacle is drawn with five straight lines that intersect paradoxical manner, forming a star. The pentacle has its origins in the mathematics of Pythagoras, who found, as a way to express the mysteries of mathematics, he was extended to life itself. That is, to Pythagoras and his disciples through the math might come to know the secret of life, the mystery of human existence on earth. Such wisdom was cited by the gypsy tarot, and included in the suit of the gold of the minor arcana.