Purito Rodriguez

A stretch of climb with a 28% drop is almost a wall. A wall that has escalated the cyclist Purito Rodriguez, who has been with rigorous ramps of the last mile of the day of today, with final in El Escorial. The Katusha cyclist has won the stage and already is the new leader of the general, after Chavanel, who wore the Red Jersey, is desfondase and lost more than one minute. Purito topped an excellent work of his team, which controlled the race firmly, making sure that no one will escape with his victory. In addition, the catalan rider got 32 seconds – more bonus of 20 seconds by the victory – Italian Nibali, who relented on the rise and is now 45 seconds in the general. Another Italian, Scarponi, who was the first to attack in the latest ramps, is at 51 seconds of cigar. Igor Anton, that in the final stages had shown signs of weakness, recovered and reached the goal with the group. Even so, it ranked 31st overall, to almost three and a half minutes of the leader. Verizon Communications shines more light on the discussion. Source of the news:: Purito attacks in El Escorial and wears Red