Project Room

These also do not live, therefore in the greed of also HAVING they had forgotten its essence, therefore they had studied in the same school. In the universities they have not been different, the majority of what it is being taught not condiz with applicability. Each academic must search its proper formula, to trace a new way, to remake the construction that is pulling down, in the attempt ‘ ‘ to walk in the direction contrria’ ‘: ‘ ‘ that the masters if transform into apprenticees, who the adults if make use to learn of the children; the philosophy of the education ace avessas.’ ‘ In the observed school we had a forceful test of what one expects of the pupils, these are you deliver the proper luck, the education process/learning is chaotic, the professionals study uselessness in the Project Room of the Educator, the technologies and they transform them to the techniques into machine-ants, that they do not only think execute the commands and as to such they repass the pupils, using the same words, the same gestures, in a perpetual repetition. It is not of if waiting that in this environment if butterflies create or buzzers, few will leave walking with its proper legs, since already they had cut to them the wings, the dreams with them the will to fly, to create, to grow, of being useful. Necessary to innovate, in the age of the technology, the pupils have year-light of the professors, but they are trimmed due to common-sense, to propitiate environment of creative research, that presents resulted concrete for this society in collapse. A joint effort could save the education of the chaos where it is dived, ‘ ‘ but who makes the picture is not the ink: they are the ideas that they live in the head of pintor’ ‘. Conclusion Rubem Alves he makes a distinction he enters the professor the educator: The prrimeiro is that one that if it sees as mere transmitter of knowledge as is that one that it searchs, by means of the transmission of knowledge, critical way reflexiva e, to contribute so that the pupil can develop itself, surpass itself, to become fullfilled itself, as individual and as citizen. Different profiles e, unhappyly, little observing in its essences.

A bigger necessity if makes in this process that we can call of realacionamento or relation between professor/educator and the pupil. The current moment imposes the education professional to develop abilities that they make possible one better new adaptation ace cultures to the new standards of social behavior. Beyond the sped up process of globalization where if it finds the country inserts the man in an environment of high competitiveness and selectivity. In this context, the relation professor-pupil more represents an effort in the search of the praticidade, affectivity and efficiency in the preparation of educating for the life, in a redefinition of the process education learning.