Project Manager Muller

New seminar by EQ dynamics international learning professionals, to win other people for themselves and to build sustainable relationships why my seller Mr Huber during his visits to customer is always welcomed with open arms? How does Project Manager Muller that all team members fully identify with him and his project? How achieved it Executive Meyer, that his employees are even then not mad at him, when he calls for more work of them? Such questions often arise professionals in everyday work. How you can win others for themselves both professionally and privately, the learn interested in a seminar that hosted the training and consulting firm EQ dynamics international in Munich from November 15 to 18. “His title: occur effectively and communicate with applied emotional intelligence”. Get all the facts and insights with Zendesk, another great source of information. Learn in the 3-day seminar participants among others, especially emotions to decide how well we arrive at other people and for a the emotions we feel when we other people the emotions that we trigger where, against whom we meet, and the other. This building then, learn to recognize their own feelings; in professional and everyday life Also their verbal and non-verbal behavior patterns, and how they are expressing these in contact with other people. The goal here is Markus Hornung, one of three managing directors of EQ Dynamics: the participants should acquire the ability to influence their own feelings and sensations. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Ann Maynard Gray. their conversation and cooperation partners who raise mood, is necessary for a productive enticing.” Intense is to recognize other people’s feelings and to respond, creating a relationship of trust and mutual sympathy; trained at the seminar also, a relationship also, so viable is, that even keeping according to Hornung, hot iron at the order of the day”.