Professional Cookware Manufacturers

Criterion number 5 Care and Storage. Unlike professional cookware from the rest is easy, and the ease with which it has to look for. It is not spots and stains after washing. So she may long be in a hostile environment and it does not affect its performance data. Criterion number 6 Durability. Using professional cookware, you're protected from the constant purchase of new sets of pots, pans and other appliances, dilapidated after a short period of use. With high-quality dishes or nothing will happen, if for any reason, devices were left in the washing solution. It will not rust and oxidation.

Acquiring professional cookware, you're protected from such cases. Criterion 7 ergonomics and safety. Almost every instrument is made on a "candy bar" that is, with no welds. This means that their can be intensively exploited, ruling otlamyvaniya handle the worst possible time cooking. All spoons, forks, shovels and ladles are made of chrome-nickel stainless steel, and therefore not painted products do not absorb odors. They have a comfortable anatomic handle, and Serving the series – a quality polish.

Two variants of polishing: matte and shiny. At the end of the handle of each instrument by special bending or opening through which the device can be hung on a shelf, a hook or on the edge of the pan. Is it possible to strengthen the instruments on the holder with five hooks, which is also available in an assortment of Pujadas. Panhandle hollow inside, which protects against burns while working (many Asian manufacturers make one-piece handle, plastic, wood, etc.) Each position of all assortment Pujadas designed and tested to ease of use. The materials used in the manufacture of tableware are completely safe. That is certified. Such guarantees can be given only manufacturer with a worldwide reputation.