Private Health Insurance

Threatened with a contribution increase in private health insurance in 2014? The advent season has arrived and Christmas is almost upon us. Some policyholders get bad news from their private medical insurance once, because their policy is more expensive from 1 January 2014. A demographic change is taking place in Germany and that the health-care system rising costs. So, some private health insurance companies are forced to increase their dues. The insured persons in the private health insurance received a letter with the adaptation of the post this month.

But now it’s stuck your head in the sand, because now, a comparison must be made. As independent experts, which undertake a comparison of the private companies exist on the Internet. The private health insurance policies are more expensive, then the services are often raised. But even with some tariffs, there is even a reduction in contribution. Here, different measures are useful for the insured depending on the age and price.

What does demographic change mean? The In his translation of the word “Demographics” means: “Description of the population”. The description of the population takes place in terms of its size, composition and structures in Germany. In the industrialized countries and is one of Germany since 1970 there are some changes regarding demographic change. So there is a low birth rate since that time and the population decreases. The rate of death outweighs the birth rate. In addition, life expectancy continues to rise, and the continuously increasing the number of older people. Today is the proportion of people who are older than 65 years at over 20 per cent of the total population. So, researchers calculate that this share will be up to the year 2060 at about 34 percent. The company faced major challenges will these developments. So younger people need to adapt to changes, such as a longer work biography.