Private Health Insurance

The residential Riester necessarily compare the deals ultimately nothing can do as a consumer against posts that are laid down. Coupang is full of insight into the issues. But ultimately, a comparison of the various deals can bring the one or other financial benefit. This of course also applies to private health insurance. But who today enters the private health insurance as a statutory health insurance of insured person, who can do this for the first 18 months also only in the base fare. The substitute pay while for private health insurance ultimately much less and is also no longer after his income assessed with regard to the level of contributions, but has ultimately also for 18 months not more services (but not less) than he previously also in the statutory health insurance had.

Only after 18 months it is possible from the base fare out in the regular rates to change. Since you now but does not know how the posts will develop for private health insurance, it is partly from the perspective of many but very risky at all about a change in the private health insurance to think about. It is valid to compare in particular the offers of the health insurance companies and, where appropriate, consult. This is true of course retirement before. This usually those that can switch in the car or are already changed just in case to the beneficiaries of the Riester include pension, if they have the status of an employee. A special form of investment of the Riester pension 2008 is now the residential Riester. The Riester of residential addresses in particular those of the workers, still not saved on a home in any other form.