Primavera Market

The lack of information of the worker in relation to the guaranteed and assured labor laws in laws makes with that the same it has accepted, without contesting, the little that is offered to them, many times receiving for the function that exerts wages below of the established one for the market. This worker will be substituted by other to be exploited equally, when he will not be more useful to its employer. In full XXl century these workers have faced the competition of the machines, that to the few substitute the force of work of the man. Such machines, beyond increasing the productivity and the profits, diminish the production costs. This reality brings obtains an expression of the social matter, because consequently it has a significant increase of the structural unemployment of general scope. 3 – The CONTEXT OF the COAL BUNKER SPRING the vegetal coal is made from the wooden burning, being used large-scale in the industries and with small percentage injected in the commerce and the domestic consumption. Brazil is the producing greater of this substance, being that it does not export the coal, but its by-product, the coal has as destination the siderurgical ones that they nourish the international market with the iron gusa.

The state of Minas Gerais is who withholds bigger part of this market, produces and consumes about 80% of the Brazilian vegetal coal. They is esteem that 30% of the coal used in the country are produced using itself native bushes, especially the open pasture, by means of a primitive, devastador process of the environment and the health of the workers (ABRACAVE, 1997) ' ' Primavera&#039 coal bunker; ' she is a company of average situated transport in one of the cities of the Mining Triangle. Its production if of the one by means of the activity of fifteen ovens, with eight employees, being two workers registered in the Wallet of Work and Previdncia Social (CTPS) and the remain working as day-worker without labor laws.