President Ilham Aliyev

In Russia, the skeptical relate to the future realization of Nabucco, offering the Turkish side to join the project South Stream. This issue was discussed during a recent visit to Moscow, Energy Minister Taner Yildiz. Russian Analysts always predicted insolvency of the project, especially after President Ilham Aliyev and Dmitry Medvedev signed in Baku on a sale of Azerbaijani gas to Russia at a price of 350 dollars per thousand cubic meters. On According to political analysts, in fact, accomplished in Baku Azerbaijan deal to sell the seized by the Armenians of Karabakh. Project Nabucco is estimated at $ 7.9 billion and will transport natural gas European countries through Azerbaijan to Georgia, Turkey, Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania and Austria.

It will be a continuation of the already constructed Baku-Tbilisi-Erzurum gas pipeline and is designed to transport 31 billion annually cu. At the initial stage of the pipeline will pump 15 billion cubic meters of gas. In Turkey will be laid in two-thirds of the pipeline – about two thousand kilometers of 3.3 thousand. Start pipeline is scheduled for 2010, the supply of gas through it – in 2014. His name project Nabucco by Giuseppe Verdi's opera is obliged, based on biblical stories. Its action takes place in Jerusalem, in VI century BC speech in the opera comes to disaster of the Jews, their capture, and subsequently the release of the Babylonian king Nebuchadnezzar, whose name is abbreviated in Italian sounds like Nabucco. Opera, which premiered March 9, 1842 in 'Teatro alla Scala' in Milan, Verdi had brought real glory.