In The New Dress

Consumer portal now with even more products suitable to the slowly emerging spring weather in Germany, the consumer portal shows in new, vibrant colors. With a friendly blue and fresh green the previous colors of red and white be replaced. But not only the layout has changed also the product range has been extended to some elements. The over two million unique users of the online platform can look forward. You can choose now over five million products, which are further subdivided into 31 categories. Among other things offers DSL, electricity and gas, but also to financial products and technology articles such as MP3 player or TV set to select is available in the uncluttered layout. For product categories which are more intensive counseling, there is a telephone customer service. Here all the consumer of expert employees questions.

Since the cooperates with Pangora, a provider of online marketplaces, the number of dealers has increased considerably. Meanwhile, are products of 2,500 dealers to choose from. Customers benefit from a wider range, allowing the opportunity on a bargain more rise. Perspective, the dealer number should rise even further. In addition to the simple price comparison can customers-also in the individual products learn about, experience reports share and evaluate the products. This is especially for the customers an advantage, laying special emphasis on quality and less on the price.