Powerful Processors And 3D Technology

Mobile World Congress attracted with fancy smartphones Barcelona was again place and playground of the mobile phone industry this year. At the Mobile World Congress all the big names such as Sony, Samsung and LG are always, to present the latest trends in the field of smartphones. Preisvergleich.de was there. On the Smartphone, none coming this year. The sales increases of last year prove that those mobile enjoy great popularity and this year will be no exception, according to forecasts. The Sony Xperia play marked the first turnaround this year. The so-called Gamephone goes far beyond features such as SMS, Internet and co..

The slider allows you thanks to the 4-inch multi touch display, as well as the Adreno GPU fun pur and should leave no room for boredom. But keeps up with the competition. So, LG with Android MWC is represented. Dedicated to the 3D technology, the Smartphone represents three-dimensional images even without glasses. Since there was no demo available in Barcelona, however, the final proof the South Koreans still guilty. But also tablets were in the focus of attention this year. There was also something new from the House of LG. models in addition to improved details to Dell or Motorola In addition to the 3D Smartphone, also the 3D-Tablet was presented in Barcelona.

With 8.9-inch, the device from April should provide sensation. Only the renewed absence by Apple caused for some disappointment. But the news of the Wall Street served as encouragement, however, journals, that the Group would like to bring a smaller and cheaper version of the iPhone on the market.