Porto Alegre

(NBR 10647, 1989) Later that the sketch is defined has broken for the croquis or drawing of fashion, that is a notion of what it is desired to reach with the final result. Normally, it is confectioned by hand free and it contains ' ' all necessary information to its finalidade.' ' (NBR 10647, 1989) the final phase of the clothes project is the definition of the definitive drawing or drawing technician. She is from it that if specific all the components and details of the product, as well as its dimensions, sewings and finishings. In visit the Double company Face in Passo Fundo, can be observed these processes. After the drawing technician is made the molds for the confection of the parts in series. According to Ana Paula, employee of the company, these molds already are based and adjusted on numeration P, M and G.

' ' It is important that each phase of the project is very well developed to get a satisfactory result and that is in accordance with what was thought about the phase inicial' ' , said Mirian proprietor of the company. 3. Conclusion When elapsing of the research and elaboration of the article perceived that it is of basic importance the drawing technician of any project to be very clear-cut and detailed so that if it can arrive next possible of the project in the final result. One also perceived, that exactly having diverse names, that the drawing exists technician in the world of the fashion and that it is necessary to guide in the confection of the parts. E, when these drawings are applied in accordance with the norms and regulations, can easily be understood and be manufactured in any part of the world.

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