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Its product portfolio for strategic management has restructured Winfried Kale marketing services Winfried Kale marketing services, service providers and its product portfolio has restructured tools for the strategic management of industrial and service companies, as well as customer benefits and practices in product sheets are described in detail. Thus customers can select now better and faster those services from a variety of high-performance services, that help strengthen their competitiveness most enduringly. The service portfolio by Winfried Kale marketing services is now divided into the three core areas of strategic marketing, market analysis and competition analysis. To get the two support areas of project management, and professional presentations. The range is rounded off by standard and customized training and coaching executives, project managers and teams.

The core area include: strategic marketing, E.g. strategy analysis, positioning, strategy projects, strategic Planning systems, strategic controlling. Market analysis, including market trend analysis, market models, market database, market forecasts, market share analysis. Competitive analysis, E.g. industry analysis, company profiles, product comparisons, competitive attack programs, competitive intelligence processes. The services in the area of project management support not only projects to the strategy development and implementation, but targeting all types of projects, such as IT-, R & D-, or investment projects. For example, project initialization, project planning, project monitoring, project controlling, reviews, as well as introducing a PM methodology, such as the definition of appropriate procedural models are among the services offered.

“See an overview of all the services offered, on the following page: services.html reach the detailed descriptions of the services offers you over produktblaetter.html the motto of the company is expertise creates efficiency!” Behind the idea that high-quality advice need not be expensive. Which one Behind this approach? “While large firms because of their high fixed costs blocks that are interested in, many employees – often including numerous still inexperienced, but already very expensive junior consultant – a relatively long period of time at the client to use, Winfried Kale marketing services is exactly the other way: my goal is to achieve results for the customer, which he can use to strengthen its market position with little effort and as quickly as possible”, says Winfried Kempfle, founder and CEO of marketing services. And modelled on agile processes we proceed very solution-oriented and flexible. Unlike many consulting firms not only do we present our results at the end of certain sections of the project, but work closely with the customer during all phases of the project.” The advantages are obvious: lower costs for the customer faster availability of results of the customer bekommt the solution it needs higher acceptance of 23-defined standard services available results by speeding up completion of the promised benefits of customer total customer, who of course specifically can be adapted to the needs of customers. There are proposals for meaningful combinations of the different services. Ultimately it is the interaction between of the services offered with a comprehensive set of 34 tools, which ensures the high quality and efficiency of consulting services”emphasizes Winfried Kempfle.