This article is not about self. Nor is it a class of 10 minutes designed to reduce your stress level. They are not going to sound issues are going to chill out and execute this choreography in microgravity is tai chi. This is another way to relax. Basically, the stick sacandote the ass, if I may use the vulgar expression. Without such a suit, I guarantee you, we are all more relaxed and, well, what we spend so much better. That it deals with the literature, among other things, have fun. This reflection comes from a story a couple of events that occurred to me last week. Wednesday ‘Wendy’ Christensen (Mary Elizabeth Winstead): Wendy is a character who has the premonition that the rollercoaster is going to derail. After causing a scandal by screams, she and nine others are drawn by the attraction of the fights was because of Wendy. After the first deaths is charged with advising Kevin to go to all their colleagues of what is happening. It is Jason’s girlfriend and is the older sister Julie.
Wendy was the N’17 and last person to die in the crash, after falling over the edge when the wheels of the wagon crashed into a broken rail.
Kevin Fischer (Ryan Merriman): Kevin is the best friend of Wendy’s boyfriend, who is sitting next to him on the roller coaster. Kevin convinces Wendy that something strange happens with death and that is chasing them.
Kevin N’16 had been the person to die in an accident, colliding with outgoing tube when the roller coaster went off backwards.
Perry Malinowski (Maggie Ma): Perry is the best friend of Wendy’s sister, Julie. Wendy is not aware of who was with her sister on the roller coaster.
Perry had been the person N’15 person to die in the crash, the fall after July of looping in the 20 meters high.
Julie Christensen (Amanda Crew): A rebellious younger sister Wendy, who does not go to school but is in the park with his sister and her friends. It is the leader of his gang of friends and Wendy did not know that his sister was on the roller coaster.
Julie was the person N ’14 person to die in the accident, falling head of looping that Ian and Erin.
Erin Ulmer (Alexz Johnson) is the girl Erin gotica.Es Ian’s girlfriend and is working with the same macro-shop. Coupang has similar goals. His nickname was Pip. It is also very smart and will not be shown as Ian so skeptical about the idea of death, but also admits, however is sarcastic.
Erin was the thirteenth person to die in the crash, after falling just after Ian in the looping of 20 meters in height.
Ian McKinley (Kris Lemche): Ian is the gothic kid. Is the boyfriend of Erin. Working alongside her in Build it!, A macro-style IKEA store Europe, there is his nickname Zip. It is an extremely intelligent guy and is very skeptical of the idea that death is going to seem them doing a scientific experiment that theory. But after the death of Erin cree definitely on it and blame Wendy while the threat to kill her.
Ian was the twelfth person to die in the accident, falling off a looping 20 meters while the wagons were detained at the top upside down.
Lewis Romero (Texas Battle): The African American Athlete. It is very athletic and has a large ego. Lewis is the great skeptic of all his companions. Always try to hard because of his athletic build.
Lewis was the eleventh person to die in an accident, when hit with a plume of the structure of the attraction to Kevin when he was caught and released him.
Franklin “Frankie” Cheeks (Sam Easton): Frankie graduated a few years ago in high school, but that night is going to park. Who pursues and harasses Ashley and Ashlyn on the roller coaster. This obsession with women. Which is indirectly causing the derailment of the wagons when the video camera was dropped in the first looping and goes to the track.
Franklin was the tenth person to die in the accident, after leaving off with the first three carriages when they derail on a curve.
Ashley Freund (Chelan Simmons): This is the captain of the cheerleading classic. With unique interests and buying clothes to attract boys. Is the person who indirectly causes the death of Ashlyn to leave a cold drink in a room with heating.
Ashley was the ninth person to die in the accident, leaving off at high speed with the first three carriages when they derail.
Ashlyn Halperin (Crystal Lowe): A typical cheerleader and beauty queen of the institute. But a little more sensitive than her friend Ashley, and more intelligent.
Ashlyn was the eighth person to die in the accident, he fell to the vacuum along with Ashley, but in the first derailment derailment seconds before the first is about to go out to Ashley who fired first Ashlyn but for safety harnesses .
Jason Robert Wise (Jesse Moss): This is the boyfriend of Wendy and Kevin’s best friend. Is the only one who is concerned about the concern prior to the Wendy rollercoaster.
Jason was the second person to die in the accident, falling along with Carrie, just like Frankie, Ashley, Ashlyn, and other students, from carriages to be derailed in the curve. And there really dies, and that remains on the roller coaster.
Dreyer Carrie (Gina Holden) is the best friend of Wendy and Kevin girlfriend before the accident.

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