PDF Project

At the moment, its discretion undergoes the hierarchy of works that are more important and which can most contribute to readers, with the aim of offering a selection of them.The project stores thousands of titles in English and numerous other major European languages, among which is the Castilian. It offers books in HTML format or in plain text TXT. The first is useful for readers with wifi connectivity, since they do not need to download the files. The second it is read by all kinds of devices. The texts offered in PDF are minority, since it is a format that does not allow You retouching the text or editions, although the majority of readers accepted it. In the Spanish language, as well as in other Latin languages Peninsular, it offers a compilation of classic titles that include all the work of Perez Galdos, classics from the golden age, of course Quixote (albeit with many more editions in English than in Spanish) or work Blasco Ibanez, among others many a wide selection. In addition to titles in Galician and catalan, it has some in audiobook format, since volunteer readers have been commissioned burn them and then upload them to the site of the project.

Wikisource. Within the global project of Wikimedia, which includes Wikipedia, is this initiative that seeks to retrieve and organize all texts free of copyright or published under GPL license (free). Despite being a global project, it has a remarkable section of books in Castilian, which include the titles of the century of gold, medieval poetry and literature. However, the cast of the modern literary works (of the) 18th century onwards) is scarce at the moment. It must be borne in mind that the texts are digitized thanks to the efforts of volunteers and the amount of free works is enormous. Another problem for those devices that do not have wifi connectivity is offered not in download works.