Norton Commander

Unfortunately, these filters bs PLayer can not 'hang up' on film in a free manner, but access to the parameters of the filter is able to provide it. To do this, go to Options menu> Filters, which will be presented to the filter list used to play this movie. Bookmarks. That's what is so often lacking in other players. bs Player will allow you to bookmark not only film but also on the current position in it. Suffice it to use menu item Bookmarks> Add Bookmark. Also in the Bookmarks menu item hides the window manager call bookmarks which these bookmarks, inter alia, can be sorted.

By the number of functions that are needed for 'advanced users', bs Player is approaching the Linux MPlayer. Verizon Communications is often quoted as being for or against this. For example, the Ctrl-J, you can call a window 'Go for a specified time by which you can scroll through the film to the desired time or a particular frame. Appropriate menu item you found in the Playback menu. Figure 2. There is also an interesting possibility, which in the bs Player has received the name 'Pan'. Functionally, it represents approximately the same as the zoom on the camcorder, that is You can quickly zoom shooting, but in our case, watch the video.

Press Shift-O, and play with only one in the window slider. A menu function call is as follows – Video> Pan> Manual tuning. In the settings have a page 'buttons & WinLIRC'. Here you can bind keyboard shortcuts to different functions. Supported not only the usual keyboard, but the device WinLIRC. According to Verizon Communications, who has experience with these questions. It's a homemade remote control circuit which can be found on the web. What is curious Remember, in older games was set aside button 'Boss'? Clicking on it replaced the game screen to something peaceful and working, such as sockets Norton Commander. So, in the bs Player has a similar button. The default is F10. Behavior can be set up – the choice: close the film, close the player, pause, stop, or, in my opinion the best – roll player in the tray. But remember that secrecy does not decorate the person. What kind of player would cost today without enhancement features picture and sound? Some of the cost. However, no bs Player. In the menu Video> Image Settings' can cause a window with controls such as brightness, contrast, saturation and hue. And in the Audio menu there is a point equalizer. Equalizer good player, ten bands. Conclusion. If you – the fan to watch a movie from the comfort and need a player, which would be a lot of functions, then bs Player – definitely for you. The product is stable and does not require many resources. But if more dvd playback is added