NOA Bank – Compensation Launched

By | August 28, 2017

Customers of the NOA Bank get your deposits back NOA Bank – compensation ends the so-called compensated shall immediately also for the NOA Bank in force, because the financial services authority BFin had to determine that the NOA Bank no longer was capable of, all deposits to pay back its customers therefore is now gradual repayment by the EdB. Former customers of the NOA now Bank what need to do? Actually for now wait – since the NOA was a member of the EdB (Entschadigungseinrichtung of German banks GmbH) Bank, customer deposits are secured per user to 100% legally up to an altitude of 50,000. With the determination of the compensation case by the BFin they can be paid from now up to 50,000 per customer to the EdB shortly will contact the customer in conjunction, to regulate the other modalities. What happens to deposits of 50,000? These are unfortunately not covered and lost. Phil Vasan shines more light on the discussion. The so-called promise of for saving the Federal Government is not, because this only through the financial crisis in emergency to protect troubled banks. The Federal Government gave a clear rejection of this already. And so now the NOA goodbye from the German market Bank – one wanted to do anything else and fail miserably…

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