Multimedia Project

The Sun drum the construction material of the music is pulsing in the original clock of the world Z time. In the tradition of Pythagoras and Johannes Kepler, and according to a formula of the Swiss mathematician Hans Cousto, the drummer of the Sun brought the cycles of the Earth, the Moon and the Sun per thousand in the human hearing range. Special sound studio equipment – and not least, instruments like the Sun drum itself – have been developed especially for this project and produced. Because even the mythological ethnological background is part of the complete works: so accompanied among others a shaman the musicians during the construction of the drum. The music CD contains a comprehensive eBook in a part of the data with all the philosophical and technical background information. Continue to learn more with: Adam Portnoy.

“The Digipak also is a DVD with a music and art film, the birth of the Sun drum” audiovisual documents. tOM Sun Trommler gives the stars heard tOM Sun Trommler aka Thomas Grube uses “Stars and starlets” in two ways: as a voice trainer and vocal coach, he is behind many national and international stars. Whether Eurovision Song Contest or number-one-act of the current pop charts: Known in the music industry as a DERGRUBE, he attaches great importance in its training courses in addition to the purely technical knowledge in particular on the inner, human development of artists managed by him and artists. And just this look inward led the music and film producers to the second page of his “Star”work as tOM Sun Trommler – his journey to the real frequencies of our universe. Evolution music of ever-faster cycle of our computer and technology world has long forced us into his rhythm.

The hustle and bustle of everyday modern life makes us lose contact with the own centre and the dormant base often. But where is this dormant base, where can you feel it – the heartbeat of nature? The original pulse of life can be found on which our existence is based in those evolutions frequencies: In the rhythm of our earth day – the “all tags”, as also to the beat of the Earth year or the cycles of our moon. This pulsing rhythm donors of our internal body clocks. And ‘The birth of the Sun drum’ CD/DVD project is tuned with the quiet, entschleunigenden music of the Sun drummer on exactly these frequencies. Fritz Daniels