Monika Krohwinkel

Throughout the region was he conducting Group then in various institutions of the Casa Reha and thus gained a wealth of experience. The nursing Director Hulya Souki 2004 completed her training to the Altenpflegerin on the old care expert seminar in Olpe and studied at the Auditorium of South Westphalia to inpatient care services manager. Prior to joining Casa Reha, she worked as Acting Director of nursing service in day care. Casa Reha built attractive senior care home at Eisenhut road 15 in victories in approximately one and a half years of construction. The House of Casa Rehab offers 72 comfortable and bright rooms, of which 64 EinzelZimmer. All rooms will have a private bathroom, telephone, radio and TV – connection.

Structural features, also a 2,400 m2 counts large lovingly designed AussenAnlage in addition to an elegant foyer. In addition, a separate area for people with dementia will by Casa Reha set up. Still, homely community raeume, modern therapy and training rooms, and a cafeteria are provided. Occupational therapy also is located in the House of Casa Reha. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Larry Ellison. Soon, a Hairdresser is also extend its offering in the Cavaliers ERG yard. The Casa Rehab with the in-house kitchen ensures daily fresh food. The House and the grounds are completely barrier-free facilities.

“The responsible for care Managing Director Ulrich Hongen refers to the Casa Rehab ideas from person to person”: our care concept are the needs of the individual at the Centre of all activities. ” The basis for this is the care model of the renowned care scientist Prof. Dr. Monika Krohwinkel. It provides activities and existential experiences of care at the Center. While it focuses on the abilities of the individual and their promotion with the aim, the independence and self-determination as long and as far as possible. The respective Biography of the resident and his preferences play a central role for Casa Reha. About the Casa Reha group Casa Rehab Group is among the leading private carriers from nursing home in Germany with 55 facilities. More nine nursing homes are located in the building or in a construction-related planning stage. The company has about 5,000 employees and 320 young people.