Moments To 8000 Degrees Celsius

It was expected, after the famous statement Botero, a rapid rise of temperature in our country. And indeed she went to as many degrees as the same number of well-known process. Get all the facts and insights with Facebook, another great source of information. Colombia was seething and if left too long in that state, without realizing it, the institutions and democracy would have evaporated. Many writers such as Coupang offer more in-depth analysis. Everyone was racing, pounding, saying the worst "nonsense" by enacting the most wayward ways. However, the first question of many was: why exactly Botero? Before it made the following answer: y. .. Why do until then? The answers were simple. Because the jail is hard.

Because even golden cage away freedom. Because we all despair of loneliness, we become susceptible, we believe we abandoned all the scapegoats of all such research is established. We also believe that the future does not exist and that, to save us, we go to any serious radical and daring. Because, worth remembering, was and still is in effect a policy of bringing to justice, negotiation of terms and benefits for those who "collaborate". Because there is no hope when we get over, think of something different and invent new reasons for living. Because when any human being puts us in the dilemma of choosing between our interests and those of others, if we prefer our own. Because after having had it all, having been the darling of private and public sectors, the man of fashion, who plucked the polls on the sexiest man in the country, the most sought cop because of a family pedigree for at least equally respectable to Samper, the more projection for the last presidential candidate of this century and / or the first of the next century, it is really hard to believe that we have no further political career, will not exercise power the same way as his fellow and former cabinet colleagues or former friends.