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Another thing, of course, create a budget. Although create it from scratch is not necessary. You can use ready-made model budget, which can be downloaded from the manufacturer, in the section 'library component. " A budget can be collected from the ready-made pieces of other budgets. To do this, there is a mechanism of export and import. For example, you found that your friend also uses Home9, and that he pays for water, just like you, on a 2-m counters. So ask them to help.

All he needed – to export folders from your Water budget payment, and send the export file to you via E-Mail. And you just import the folder into your budget, remove its data and 'hammers' his. That's all there. Well, again, 'component library "is created for such purposes. At budgets than the system can be any number. You can separately keep your home budget, budget, apartment of his parents, his budget suburban area. Supplied software is a small set of standard budgets.

More one useful thing – the ability to create various documents (receipts, bills, receipts, etc.). For these documents, you can create a template yourself. Need payment system specifically for your bank – open Microsoft Word, and do they form this bills, what you need. Only instead of the sum put a special label (simply copy from the reference). After that, add your pattern to the program. All you need to do after that – press the button, select your template in Word open payment system is ready. Only instead of the label will be assessed amount. Now, about the objects, ie of those building blocks, building blocks of the budget. In order of importance can be divided into basic, from which, in fact, is the budget (there are 2), and more that are needed to ensure comfortable working conditions. The most basic of basic facilities – a 'payment'. He does automatic calculation on the schedule, so here you are register their payment and meter reading (if needed). To help the most basic 'Payments' is just the basic "this numeric'. It contains the usual number, which can mean anything – the tariff for the service area flat interest rate of the bank, etc. 'Payment' can use 'numeric given' in the calculation of its assessment. Additional objects – is, above all, 'Folder', with which you can organize your budget nicely, expanding it down and Daddy. In the 'image set' you can store scanned copies of documents. In the 'Table', as in the address booklet, you can store any text information such as addresses, phone numbers, etc. But in the 'folder files', as in the usual folder Windows, you can store any files that were always in the right place at hand and not lost. It is from these blocks and develops the budget. Home9 use or not – purely personal matter. But worth a try – and suddenly love it! When using the site materials reference to the source.