Marketing Management – What Our Purchasing Behaviour

Why we buy textbook marketing management”things we don’t need full of enthusiasm? Why do we believe that is expensive better? And why do hard we us often, to make a decision at all? Who with the marketing management textbook”learns, knows the answers to these questions. The author Matthias Sander argues in his book the essential facts of marketing management and explains the basics of typical buyer behavior. Students helping the book with objectives at the beginning of each chapter and facilitates the strengthening of learned tasks and tricky questions after each chapter. This allows not only a comprehensive understanding of marketing, but also the bridge between theory and practical application of. The 2nd Edition is completely revised and updated. “Yield management have been added sections to the issues” as well as neuro-marketing “since 1998, the author Prof.

Dr. Matthias Sander is holder of the Chair of business administration with a focus on marketing. It deals in particular with the relevant topics of the modern marketing management. Sander, Matthias marketing management 2 compl. uberarb. Edition. 2011 987 pages, many fig., tab., overviews and photographs ISBN 978-3-8252-8251-6 (D) (A) 51,30, 49,90 / SFr 66.90 have we aroused your interest? We like to send you a review copy. You can indicate your wishes here: review copy marketing management printable cover data more wishes: name: Media: contact Susanne Engstle UVK Lucius Nymphenburger Strasse 48 80335 Munich Tel.: 089/45 21 74 65 fax: 089/25 55 13 32 13