Manuel Velasco Carretero

On another hand, mechanical, logical approach and deterministic of the company, makes that this be willing as a machine, without taking into account other values of the social body. On the basis of critical thinking fayoliano, increasingly more institutions realize that its strength and force lies in the effectiveness and the efficiency of procedures and organizational activities that develop, thinking about how to optimize your organization and overcome scourges such as activities that do not add value, lack of approaches directed at the customer, lack of vision of the business, etc. Here appears the placing of a redesign of processes, which is also known as process reengineering and we can conceptualize it as a summary of innovative approaches that will jiggle and excite the organizational archetypes today, encouraging creative and revolutionarily new tactics to run productive actions, contributing all the knowledge and the people in the company. Processes can be defined as a gradual and perennial rhythm of functions that occur in a precise manner and that conducive to the attainment of the goal for which have been conceptualized and programmed. Wikipedia defines a process as a set of activities or actions interrelated each other that give rise to one or more outputs also of materials (products) or with a value-added information from one or several entries of information, materials or other processes, outputs. For its part, reengineering establishes a regeneration and remodeling of the actions, activities and processes of the Organization, what it takes to reconfigure organizational systems towards revealing growth because of profit, performance, period of performance, quality; ultimately, the achievement of experts attributes, what we also call competitive advantages.

Abstractly, reengineering implies a variation of the current Archetypes of the company, regenerating them based on best methodologies and techniques, eliminating the ancient concepts of work and replacing them with revolutionary ideas. Talk about re-engineering of processes is to speak of optimum management focused on the client, enabling a corporate restructuring in all rule, raising to change and to achieving better and different levels of excellence and quality. In its implementation should be a prior identification of all processes of the Organization, drawing and pondering a map of activities, determining operational processes that are fundamental in business activity, process reengineering itself, trial and error of the proposals and implementation. We bet for a reengineering of processes responsible and committed.